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Imagine the impact a recall or food borne illness could have to your business.  Is it worth gambling with your brand for a couple pennies when litigation can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more?  Do your suppliers do everything in their power to ensure only the cleanest and safest products make it to your shelf?  Scenarios take place daily where businesses find themselves connected to a food safety issue which could easily have been avoided.

At Al Dentes’ Provisions, Food Safety is our #1 priority.  The American Spice Trade Association (ASTA) recommends the use of FDA approved, 3rd party validated microbial reduction treatments including Ethylene Oxide(ETO) and Propylene Oxide(PPO) – see ASTA’s white paper on the subject.


ETO and PPO treatments are proven to be effective at eliminating harmful pathogens and reducing other microbes commonly associated with agricultural products.  These treatments have no effect on the color, texture, or flavor of spices and are recognized as some of the most effective and widely accepted microbial reduction methods available to the food industry.

Here are just a few of the many food safety practices we employ:


  • Stringent Vendor Approval Program

  • Spices passed through metal detector to minimize any risk of contamination by foreign material

  • All packages bear a pack date for traceability allowing the customer to see date actually packed in our facility versus a best used before statement

  • Spice containers utilize induction seals providing the safest and strongest hermetic seal available to the food and pharmaceutical industries

  • Quality and Food Safety are enhanced from receiving through shipping via HACCP, GMPs, SSOPs, and other food safety programs

  • All raw materials and finished goods are scanned into and out of our inventory system allowing complete and effortless trace back to the supplier and growing region

We said it once, and we'll say it again: Everything we sell is clenaed, processed, and bacteria treated in the United States. These processes are done in a FDA inspected & Certified facility operated under HACCP guidelines. 3rd party audits of this facility are done regularly by NSF/Cook & Thurber. Shipments to our facility are sealed with a tag attesting to the products adherance to FDA standards.


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